...can actually be a great help in building this habit of positive thinking. Thoughts, words, spoken ones, affirmations and statements, beliefs that we say to our mind, or in our conversations everyday, these are all tools that our mind works with in the process of manifesting thoughts into reality. You can imagine that is totally redundant to have 5 minutes of positive thoughts, but to complain or niggle the entire day with whoever you meet with.There is obviously this need to be constant and totally into good feelings and thoughts if you really want something good to happen in your life.

This is something that I red in the Anthony Robbins's book, called "Discover the force within you". The basic idea is that we need to think more thorough about words we tend to use every day in describing our feelings, state of minds etc. and really think about their impact on our minds. I had periods in my life when I was feeling really tired of working so much, and I was always saying that to whoever would have asked.No I believe that this was actually making me feel more tired than I was. So, I decided to replace the word (and therefore the feeling that comes with it) in "I feel like I can use a recharge" - these makes me feel happier and relaxed.Whatever words you chose, it is very important to make it funny so you can laugh with joy.

One challenge in this process is to feel confident and not care or be hurt if people, friends or relatives will help you.You need to be constant and use these words in talking with all of them.Generally, people who complain a lot or maybe have other interests than you will not understand what you are doing. And is perfectly fine, it's ok!I used to have difficulties in answering the same dull question "How are you today".My answer was inevitably "I'm very good, I am great, I fell wonderful" and then my friends would give me a weird look and make fun of me cause I always give them this answer, instead of plain old fool of sheet meanings - I'm ok...Guess what happened? I now feel inevitably great, no matter the question and who put it.

Here are some examples of word changing that I have implemented so far. Remember that you need to have your own words, as the most important thing is what you perceive and feel of any word, feeling etc. And make it fun!

disappointed - in standby, delayed
busy - feeling funny making money
weird - funny
stressed - blessed
sad - awoken to reality, intoxicated
fine - fantastic
confident - unstoppable
lucky - invincible
relaxed - serene

And the list may go on.Be sure to have your own words to make you feel special and happy!

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