How to lose and get back your joy for life

I had this period, during the past few days, when it seemed that my life was not so sweet any more... Everything is going perfect, I am totally confident on what life has prepared for me, I have enough resources to use, but, still it feels like I'm spoiling my energy, cause I can't be happy, for no particular reason. I keep asking, why is this happening, and some bits and pits of thoughts seem to answer me...I just thought I might share my thoughts with you, cause I got a feeling that this is like a universal illness - feeling unhappy with no reason (in opposition with feeling happy for no reason, my favourite).It's not like you have negative thoughts, but you are rather stuck on some kind of vibration level and you can not climb the mountain to see the great view, that is already there. Nevertheless, it is still truth that, at this moment, your reality is rather in black and white, and this is a product of your thoughts...

How do you know you lost it?
Probably, it feels like your life is too much of a routine, and even good staff seems like something not that great any more.You often get the feeling that somewhere there's a problem (at home, at the job etc. - it's like you are looking for them, and obviously find them), you feel you have to go somewhere, you fell like focusing on some other thing and not focus on the emptiness - I believe we fell empty and this is the thing that scares us and makes as feel unhappy. Actually, I remarked that I was more scared today that I generally am, and scary things kept happening...

What to do to get it back?

1. First phase - the easy things to do: well, there are a lot of things I could try: go shopping - to much addictive and it only tackles the symptoms; take a day off and get out of the city - it might work, or it may not, as the emptiness is still going to be there;think of something beautiful - it involves a lot of mind discipline and control, as your mind need more freedom at this moment; go to a fancy restaurant and eat your favourite sushi - sometimes temporary (even though I do believe that we are what we eat, and there's such a great influence of what we eat on our thoughts, feeling and life - that's another story :); listen to music - very very happy music in your perception; laugh, laugh, laugh - you find out how, it is a great "pain" killer.

2. Second phase - try some self honesty...
If none of the "original" ideas would seem to change the feeling, then I believe the best thing would be to openly confront the "hole".You will eventually find this great hole, after understanding that it's not your mother, how you look, the boss that makes you feel this way. It's something in you.At this point, I found myself standing in total quietness, like I was listening to the hole's doesn't seem that scary any more, it just is.After calming my mind, some time passes by and you find that there is no reason to feel scared or unhappy, as that is the most beautiful and secure place you'll ever know - inside you.

Very often, we forget an important, crucial thing about positive thinking.You don't need to think all the time about all the great things, you need to rest and have no thoughts, to make room for all the good things in your life.Thoughts create reality, just by facilitating the real you to manifest. Positive thinking means firstly to have no thoughts :)

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