I love my self

I had this impression, and I still have it, that loving yourself is the most challenging and life changing experience. I wish one day to be able to look in my own eyes and fell the enormous gratitude and love for my self, for who I am right now, for what I can do.

What does loving yourself really mean? I believe it means having this constant feeling of affection, a constant feeling of peace and gratitude. You don't need any reason to love, the reason is just you.This is what we refer as being the unconditioned love, a true lesson that I am so trying to learn. Reality is that we can not expect to love people around us, if we are not capable of loving our selves.

Now, do you love your self when you feel guilty for something in your life? Do you love your self when you constantly make sacrifices, when you ignore your inner voice, your instincts, when you do things you don't like? Does it feel like love when you constantly criticize your self (I can't do that, I am ugly, I am stupid...)?Go deeper, and ask your self, does it fell like love when you go into fights, when you are upset, when you judge people around you? This is the same as hating your self. All these things affect your level of vibration, and attract more unwanted things in your life. Everyone will become aware of that at some point.

I have this belief that love, starting with self love, is the key to peace and joy in everyone lives, and eventually, in this world. You can explain it by the lows (attraction, vibration and other), you can explain it with your own experience, or you can just feel the truth inside you. Actually, the best feeling is when you din't need any explanation at all, you just knew.

Start at some point. Start caring about yourself, stop saying bad things about you, about your life expectations, start loving everything that is about you, start treating your self right. The bottom line is that this is simply a game of do's and don'ts and it can be incredibly fun choosing all the good things you want to keep in your life and just throwing away the other!

Here is a fantastic quote from Emmet Fox that inspired me a lot in appreciating true nature of love: "There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no wall that enough love will not tear down; no sin that enough love will not forgive(...)If you could only love enough, you could be the most happy and powerful person in the world."

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