Positive thinking for dummies

As a friend recently pointed out to me, we and 99% of total humanity are a certain level of spiritual development where we still perceive external influences, factors, events and things happening in their lives as being ....outside of our control. I truly believe that everything is in the mind's control, but, nevertheless, I have to admit we need a lot of practice for that, a lot of meditation, inner peace building and this feeling of invincible and infinite. I am sure that this is something to build in time, alongside with the harmony of living.

I am not sure that you have ever regarded your rational spirit and ability to chose and decide for yourself as being a key to all of your wishes coming true. After all, the first step in doing whatever you want is just taking a firm decision and putting it into action. It is about the discipline and determination involved in any action that you know and expect to have a positive turnover. It's just that, using your mind and choosing what is best for you, choosing all the good things and pushing away the bad ones. No, it is not about being blind and ignore what it is, it's about making all the right things that will make your life happier. This is POSITIVE THINKING, and is so damn simple!

Here is a visual representation of what I am so clearly trying to put in words:) ...

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