Laws of attraction - Is there more than one law?

There are several universal laws that are sometimes just called laws of attraction (laws of creation I dare to say), which are the invisible, but extremely powerful version of all physical laws existing on earth. Actually, more scientifically laws than ever have started to argue that these laws can actually be very easily demonstrated, so I could argue that they are the same as all the other aspects that we know to have influence on our lives. Attraction laws are as certain as gravity, as you may heard about results of research in quantum physics.The bottom line is that our thoughts create reality we want to manifest!

It might be possible that these laws, being called like that, might produce some kind of reticence to people who like to keep as much as their freedom and are a bit reluctant to things that tell them what to do. The truth is that we all are exposed to a lot of good and bad influences, but knowing these laws may actually increase a lot the quality of life for people who want more than just to go trough life without understanding spiritual and powerful things that happen around them. If you want to keep a positive mind, to work on increasing your confidence and concentration in the process of bringing happiness in your life, I do recommend you to know about laws of attraction.

The first law is the law of attraction. It simply states that whatever form of energy broadcasts out to the universe and is attracting to energies that are of an equal or harmonious frequency, resonance or vibration. Everything is energy, including ourselves, and everything vibrates on different levels. If you can use a super microscope you find out that everything around and in your body moves. Further more, if you change your usual kind of thoughts (a specific type of vibration), if you concentrate on having this habit of positive thinking, it will consequently attract things with similar vibration and bring all the changes that are reflected in your thoughts.

My personal belief is that this is a simple game that we all play everyday: some of us enjoy it, while some of us are not aware of the fun in the game and fail to see the benefits. Materializing thought and importance of thoughts we chose to have should be the first thing to learn for an individual. The ingredients for miracle happenings (which is practically turning a thought into reality) are: constant presence of thoughts we want to turn into reality in our minds, faith in the final outcome, a lot of happiness for being able to bring the change and actually feeling it happen, gratitude for the present, acting now, and expecting the exact outcome.

If you wish for the best, but you think and feel for the worst, you may want to align your wishes with your thoughts and feelings. In order to find more about these amazing principles that work for us, and be totally enthusiastic about laws of attraction, I recommend a recent book I red: Bob Proctor-“You were born rich”.

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