...is just another dimension of our inner life. Reality is most accessible with human and simple senses, but out own internal images, emotions and fears are as real as things that we all call as being the reality.

Behind this equality (thoughts = reality - thoughts create reality) there is a simple rule, or law, called the attraction law. One you accept and integrate the belief that all that is in your life is a result of your previous thoughts and beliefs, than you can actually start having fun! Take all responsibility you need, but no track of guiltiness, and dream of what you can accomplish from now on.

The law of attraction simply says that we all bring in our lives the things we first imagine, or think of, or feel. Just thing about it? How amazing could this be? How is your life now? Is there anything (good) in your life that you didn't wish or expect for?Is there anything in your life that you feared or thoughts for some time that you didn't regretfully experience.

I would like to bring more arguments for that. YOU are your master, your ruler, you have the power to decide what to bring in your life. Each and everyone of us have managed to accomplish everything by believing that this is possible and achievable. I'm not saying you should stay with your hand up in the air while expecting some miracle to happen. You are capable of manufacturing your own dreams. But you first need to believe that this is the only reality you need to know. Your thoughts ARE your reality!

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