...will take you to success. Please bear in mind that. Today I will talk today about simple steps to make your life explode of happiness! One of my new year's resolution is to go on a Mediterranean Cruise next year. Factual aspects: I have few money at the moment, no one in my circle of friends finds that interesting, I have only 20 days of vacation next year, but you know what - I don't care, cause I'm going to do this! My reality though knows that this is simply possible. So first simple step is to plan something you want, and see it in a different perspective - the possibility that stands in it is all in your hands. I know it is possible to turn it into reality, I wish for it, I want it, and I expect it to happen.

Many of us have no problem with the first few steps. But what about expecting?Do you consider your wishes simple dreams, or illusions, but you don't think of them as being real, as being actually delivered to you?Illusions will always suck energy out of you, when you consume your resources on dreaming of some things you don't actually expect to happen, because you think are impossible, or you don't deserve it etc. Don't lose your time on things you don't think will happen.

Positive thinking - means dreaming with hope that every dream will come true, as this is the amazing power that human holds within.Just look around you, to people that do that every day. It would be better if you didn't need any proofs, as simply feeling you inside will inspire you all the confidence you need. And don't struggle too much, just believe in your dream and keep yourself open to opportunities by being happy in your daily life, expecting the best, acting upon these principles, and just enjoy what comes along.

And it means also a lot of other little things that can change our lives, and just make it better. I believe in permanent happiness of people, I believe in perfection of human and life right here, and I know that it takes small confident steps in achieving that.

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