...from your self...for your self. That's what you get from your own dreams, every time, if you are interested just to hear what they have to say. I have always bought the psychological version of dream's role.You don't need to know the fantastic meaning of some words (O God, I had dream about a carrot, what did it want to say, Oh lord!), you just need to take your dreams serious, as they have messages of how to solve problems you are dealing with. At night, when you are ready to go to sleep, think with love and positive expectations towards your dreams and ask for meaningful messages to help you in whatever you want. It is as easiest as that, I tell you.Once you get your message, it will seam so natural, it will just pop out like it has always been there. If it is something that you don't like that much (one solution that you have been afraid to implement in the real life) but it was so simple to think of it, it seemed natural, and you keep on thinking of, ask your self where is the truth and be honest with you, the last thing you need is to lye to yourself.

Right now I am so thrilled by the dream I had last night.I am more thrilled about the message, I didn't need to search for it, my mind just told me what I need to do from now on, and it was one of the most fantastic moments I had with myself.Always note and keep in some place all these messages that might bring a great change in your life, a change you desperately need.I dreamed about travelling in far away places, such as Japan (In a hotel that was crushing down), I dreamed about being there with friends (I don't consider real friends), I dreamed about moving in a new house (but it was the smaller house in front of a great palace).And right in my dream I understood that I wasn't crediting enough my own dreams, something in my mind just said with a simple, neutral and powerful voice: "Believe!"And that was fantastic, because this is the only think I need to do to make my dreams become real, and not crush them down as illusions and be grateful for less.

Enjoy your dreams and build a great relation with yourself through your dreams, as they are thoughts to turn into reality and they tell you what did your subconscious mind understood you actually want from your daily thoughts you have. Think at it as a gate to your unlimited potential allowing you to know how you are going and what more you need to do, in your thoughts, in your life, while enjoying it!

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