People are bad...or aren't they?

From the moment we were born, and over time, life has somehow demonstrated us that there are sorts and kinds of people, and some of them you feel are just bad. Most are satisfied with their pre-pinned label, on how this is how good and bad. We go around pining people with their labels - Oh, you're mean,I don't want to talk to you...Hi, you are so nice!...This simple, but yet ignorant duplicity, emerges in our lives and seem to split everything in half: some people we love, other we don't (because we can't ...), some days are good, some are bad, and yes, we can only have good things or bad things around.

I challenge your mind to think it through...What is good? What is bad? How are you? I believe that the sense of duplicity is something we learn as children, in families and generally in society. Looking at the kids, there you see the real, original human kind, with no need to see the positive or negative aspect in anything - but just taking it as it is. After a time, we have learned what an identity and ego means, and gradually things become ours (not John's or Silvia's any more), we start to feel the need to protect from people around us, we perceive and fell outraged of emotional suffering that we are exposed to, and, in the verge of increased role of rationalization, we explain it - this is bad. From this to creating a hole personal world from it, it's just a step.

I believe evil exists because we exist and believe in it.All that is unwanted in a person's behaviour, life, experiences represent a direct result of his own projections (to some extend the others projections) on him/her self. When people approach me in a negative way, I like to think that they are caring this slave-like shadow made up of their life mistakes, bad habits, obsessions etc. and they act sometimes upon it in tension moments, or just generally, as they have build a sort of protection mechanist out of it. We all have out shadows, that are imprinted in our vibrational level and practically influence all our choices, what we attract in life and how we do it.

Being aware of that and totally accepting it is the first step in becoming better...there you go - better comes from good...So, what is good? Being good means, in my opinion, just being you in your most natural, energy-flowing, calm and relaxed state, while expressing the total gratitude for life's experience.It's not really what we generally perceive as good, as I believe that everything starts with this real loving you. If we could reconsider these generally accepted definitions of good and bad, and just rewrite our brain, imagine how life could be turned around - permanently. :)

Magic box

Recently a friend told me a parable about Occident and Orient people and mentalities. It was also a lesson for me about the simple and peaceful way to live the life, in opposition to how some things have turned the life in something complicated and totally a struggle.

Some time in the past, a magic box was uncovered by an old man living in a forest.When a coin was introduced in the box, there was this flower coming out from the other side. Every time the mad put a coin in it, a flower would appear.Since this was a real breakthrough and no technology available at the moment could explain that, the people from Orient and the people from Occident wanted to study and analyse the little magic box...

First, the Occidentals took the box.They established this team of researchers and great scientists and decided to open the magic box to see what was in it, since they couldn't explain the process. After opening the box, they were surprised to find out that inside there were another two small and similar magic boxes.Every time a coin was introduced in any of the boxes, a flower would come out on the other side.The team, overwhelmed by the situation, created 2 departments to study each box.They opened again each box, and other 2 boxes would appear.The decided to create the Research Institute for the Magic Box, they hired hundreds of people, and, at the end, the boxes were to small to introduced any coins in it. The research institute went bankrupt.

Then, the Oriental people took the magic box. They gave it to a single budist monk to figure it out. The man introduced coins at every moment of the day, and a different flower would appear: a rose, a tulip, a lily, red, white, yellow.Than, he took the box to the forest, and a green flower would appear.He would take the magic box on a lake shore, and a sunflower would appear for each coin.The man observed the magic box...

Some people are like observers, gazing and truly understanding the nature and miracles of life, and do not need to uncover it's secrets, as this is understood when observing in quiet relaxation.Other are constantly struggling to find out more, but forget their role is to appreciate and contemplate the beauty of life, and not to destroy it by excessive rationalization and need to control, therefore lack of confidence and love for the miracle that is.

Kundalini meditation | Movement meditation

Yesterday, I experienced my second kundalini meditation, a meditation in movement.I feel now richer with love, personal feelings on life and past experiences. I found myself in the spirit of a young Indonesian girl dancing in Bali. I had long fingers, and I felt like creating these waves of soft white energy around me, and I felt the love gratitude of offering it back to others. Then, I slipped in a long endless tunnel to experience my true self-love - and it was going deeper and deeper. I found my self under the thick and fascinating polar ice of the ocean, and I was swimming with the current and playing with the blue light radius.

Meditation experience is like reality, only that it is not with you, it's with your peaceful, neutral, fellingless spirit. It's about experiencing the true dual nature of you, where good and bad are not opposite, but some how disappear in a dimension where there is no track of this endless conflict.Meditation allows you to understand all your faces, your lives, you in a deeper and endless sense. Specifically, kundalini meditation allows you to connect to ancient collective spirit.You can be the African connecting with the nature in a tribal dance around the fire, or you can a master experiencing an initialization.You can be whatever you spirit in expressing at a given moment in your moves and dance steps.

The secret is letting go, is ignoring any rational process interfering and giving you any feeling of fear to express, or being ashamed.Basicly, any meditation means to leave your mind to rest for a while.After that, it will always be calmer, see things more clear and will obey to you an your unbeatable intuition.It will ease the connection between you and the universe, and not act as a barrier. Kundalini is a great meditation, as it involves your body as well, and it works with one of the most powerful energy, the sexual one.

Should you like to try Kundalini meditation, feel free to contact me and ask more on that.The first step in getting something is being curious about it :).

How to lose and get back your joy for life

I had this period, during the past few days, when it seemed that my life was not so sweet any more... Everything is going perfect, I am totally confident on what life has prepared for me, I have enough resources to use, but, still it feels like I'm spoiling my energy, cause I can't be happy, for no particular reason. I keep asking, why is this happening, and some bits and pits of thoughts seem to answer me...I just thought I might share my thoughts with you, cause I got a feeling that this is like a universal illness - feeling unhappy with no reason (in opposition with feeling happy for no reason, my favourite).It's not like you have negative thoughts, but you are rather stuck on some kind of vibration level and you can not climb the mountain to see the great view, that is already there. Nevertheless, it is still truth that, at this moment, your reality is rather in black and white, and this is a product of your thoughts...

How do you know you lost it?
Probably, it feels like your life is too much of a routine, and even good staff seems like something not that great any more.You often get the feeling that somewhere there's a problem (at home, at the job etc. - it's like you are looking for them, and obviously find them), you feel you have to go somewhere, you fell like focusing on some other thing and not focus on the emptiness - I believe we fell empty and this is the thing that scares us and makes as feel unhappy. Actually, I remarked that I was more scared today that I generally am, and scary things kept happening...

What to do to get it back?

1. First phase - the easy things to do: well, there are a lot of things I could try: go shopping - to much addictive and it only tackles the symptoms; take a day off and get out of the city - it might work, or it may not, as the emptiness is still going to be there;think of something beautiful - it involves a lot of mind discipline and control, as your mind need more freedom at this moment; go to a fancy restaurant and eat your favourite sushi - sometimes temporary (even though I do believe that we are what we eat, and there's such a great influence of what we eat on our thoughts, feeling and life - that's another story :); listen to music - very very happy music in your perception; laugh, laugh, laugh - you find out how, it is a great "pain" killer.

2. Second phase - try some self honesty...
If none of the "original" ideas would seem to change the feeling, then I believe the best thing would be to openly confront the "hole".You will eventually find this great hole, after understanding that it's not your mother, how you look, the boss that makes you feel this way. It's something in you.At this point, I found myself standing in total quietness, like I was listening to the hole's doesn't seem that scary any more, it just is.After calming my mind, some time passes by and you find that there is no reason to feel scared or unhappy, as that is the most beautiful and secure place you'll ever know - inside you.

Very often, we forget an important, crucial thing about positive thinking.You don't need to think all the time about all the great things, you need to rest and have no thoughts, to make room for all the good things in your life.Thoughts create reality, just by facilitating the real you to manifest. Positive thinking means firstly to have no thoughts :)

Positive thinking for dummies

As a friend recently pointed out to me, we and 99% of total humanity are a certain level of spiritual development where we still perceive external influences, factors, events and things happening in their lives as being ....outside of our control. I truly believe that everything is in the mind's control, but, nevertheless, I have to admit we need a lot of practice for that, a lot of meditation, inner peace building and this feeling of invincible and infinite. I am sure that this is something to build in time, alongside with the harmony of living.

I am not sure that you have ever regarded your rational spirit and ability to chose and decide for yourself as being a key to all of your wishes coming true. After all, the first step in doing whatever you want is just taking a firm decision and putting it into action. It is about the discipline and determination involved in any action that you know and expect to have a positive turnover. It's just that, using your mind and choosing what is best for you, choosing all the good things and pushing away the bad ones. No, it is not about being blind and ignore what it is, it's about making all the right things that will make your life happier. This is POSITIVE THINKING, and is so damn simple!

Here is a visual representation of what I am so clearly trying to put in words:) ...

How to believe you are rich

I love this game here...feeling like I own anything I want, I have all security and confidence in life that money can give you, and have all the material support necessary to develop in any sense. Whoever says that you don't need money, or material comfort to spiritually or intellectually bullshitting. I believe everyone has the right to enjoy all life's beauty and fascination, and everybody can be a perfect expression of the spirit that is above us, while living in peace and abundance.

I understood that being rich is firstly an attitude. People are perceived wealthy because they act accordingly. Think about it! Just take one person that you fell is materially doing well...does he/she complains of not having enough money to wash the car, or of that coat being to expensive, or stays at home because he/she doesn't have money to get out every week? Off course not!They feel and believe they are prosperous, they act accordingly, and things happen in their life...just because of that!Our mind is like this fantastic on-line order form, filled in with all our beliefs and sent to the universe permanently, which gives us back more of what we order.

Here is a little mind tricking game I learned and adapted from this awesome guy named Richard Bandler. How to make your mind think you are rich?For every type of beliefs (certain ones) we generally picture, imagine or feel inside our mind several characteristics (they are called sub-modalities). For negative, scary, limited beliefs, like "I will never find the one for me", "Making money is so damn hard", "I am fat" ...every person has a specific image, voice, smell, touch, taste or even sensitive feeling going on in the mind and body. On the other hand, positive and happy beliefs (I have a great job, My boyfriend loves me, My hair is great...) have different sub-modalities.

The trick is to reverse these features of beliefs. Take an example of each cathegory and study their submodalities. When I take a bad belief, I fell a light pain close to the heart mooving clockwords, I imagine a picture in the right side, not very bright, in witch i am depersonalized). Thinking of a good beliefs, I fell a relief in the chest, I see a front side, bigger and brighter image, where I am in person. Prety different, right?

Steps to take for your mind to believe you are rich:

1. Make an analyze on submodalities on the belief that "You are rich" (which you have some doubts about) and another positive belief you know you have. Try to see all elements and be attentive to differences;

2. Take the pozitive belief (I believe the sun is going to come up tomorrow always work for me) and just imagine to push the image with all the feelings asociated far in the distance, and rapidly bring in the front the negative belief, while keeping the submodalities asociatied woth the positive one. Feel like you are thinking of the sun, but think about you being rich.

3. Reverse. Take the belief that "You are poor" and push it away in the distance, and than quickly bring it back in the sub-modalities of uncertainty, negative beliefs. In this way your mind will want to believe more about you being rich, exacly like it knows the sun is goinng to come up tomorrow. :)

4. Do these exercises several times and analyse the changes and how you feel. Do it for everything!I like to play with it.Speed-up your power in the process off your thoughts creating reality.

Sedona method

This is about a very interesting and simple method, the sedona method, you can use on yourself to control your thoughts and bring more positiveness, and all that comes after that, in your life. It is a very useful tool to use if you want to have more relaxation and more happiness in your life, and just live the moment with peace, freedom and serenity.
It also called the "letting go", and it might be familiar for NLP practitioners or fans. It is developed by author and CEO Hale Dwoskin.

Many times I heard from many people, including my self, that there are so many obstacles in achieving what ever we want in our lives, and it feels like a great frustration, increasing day by day. The truth is that every obstacle is a lesson and it is an opportunity to learn more and develop as persons, and every obstacle brings so much confidence and progress after being overcome.

Sedona method is based on triple welcoming exercise that you can just use at any moment in your life:
1. open your heart, feel your arms embracing, accept in you and WELCOME all the feelings attached to a problem you might experience - like unhappiness, loneliness, or the bad beliefs associated with that, unhealthy condition - think about what you are experiencing and well come it in your life with peace;

2. second step in sedona method is about practising the same gestures and WELCOME all the thoughts of wanting to change that particle problem, wanting it to turn into better, wanting to forget, and all those feelings that make you feel very connected with the problem and very affected by it;

3. the third and final step of sedona method is to WELCOME all the feelings and beliefs that the problem is about you, is you have determined it, or is you who are engaged in the situation.

I have tried sedona method and I am still mesmerized when I see how easy and rapidly it can work. Make your own experiment! Just take on aspect in your life that you don't like and do the steps presented. You will see that it leaves you thoughtless, completely calm and peaceful, all thoughts just disappear, and it gives you a sense that you are unlimited and incredibly powerful, in control of your life. In just 5 minutes!

Be in harmony with the universe

The thing that we all have been knowing and dealing with since childhood is the fact that we all live our lives under specific laws. Above regulations, personal or external limits, the ultimate frontier is to be in total consciousness of the way universe work, the way it generated energies towards you, as an integral part of everything that is around you.Being in total equilibrium means actually applying, in total awareness, the universal laws that have been known for thousands of years.
Why is it important to know how universal laws (attraction laws) work?

It's simple: you can chose to be in total control of your life, your experiences, your most greatest wishes, and live each day knowing that you are making the best out of your it, with true and palpable confidence, materializing it self; or, you can just not chose anything, not know and want to explain anything, not interested in feeling great, in loving and enjoying life in al it's fullness. So, what would it be?

Basics about universal laws
  • everything is simple, if you can just let the universe do its business, according to it's principles;
  • knowing the laws, hiving them constantly on your mind, insures that your subconscious mind will start choosing the right things in life;
  • your ego mights protest, but don't undermine what you already know about the universe;
  • positive thinking will make you fell sure and confident about you being at peace with the hole world;
1o Universal laws

1. Law of non-resistance - "when you simply accept with open heart everything that goes around in your life, you can let go and continue your progress much easier. Whilst holding on everything negative in your life (a bad habit, a thought of poverty, any kind of worry) will make you struggle more and trap you in negative energies, as the want you are keeping. Do not resist, just release!"

2. Law of receiving - "the universe always sends back what it received, it is always in stability and does not accept any prejudices. Send away positive thoughts, and you will just receive more. The same goes for negative ones!"
3. Law of gratitude - "the more you are grateful and happy with what you have at the present moment, the more you will get from what you are grateful for. Keep thanking and seeing the great things in your life right now!"

4. Law of supply - "for every inquiry from the nature, there is always an offer, which you will receive if you can admit that it is out there. Universe is infinity abundant, there is no need to compete with others as you have free non-limited access to this wealth. The more you give with open heart, the more you will receive, exactly what you need."

5. Law of thinking - "everything that is outside, external is an expression if the inside.Your life, your circumstances, your material situation, your looks is an expression of how you feel and what you think. Your interior, inner being is the reality!"

6. Law of cause and effect - "you might already know this: everything happens for a reason and it's a result of previous thoughts and actions. Treat people around you as you want to be treated. Any pursuit of passion is followed by the same positive effect. So, it is important to evaluate all our feelings, beliefs and actions in the light of results it might bring, and we should always be accompanied by love for life and enthusiasm in whatever we chose to do."

7. Law of obedience - "it simply says that the laws can not be just ignored, and their universality works with 100% certainty, in both ways. Consider them or not, it's your call."
8. Law of forgiveness - "to forgive is to free yourself from all obstacles in developing and being more happy. Any oppression and hate will always bring more in one's life. Non of us is perfect, we all live under limited knowledge transmitted during life, therefore hate is totally unjustifiable".

9. Law of oneness - "we are all one, we are all energy on different vibration.We are part of and infinite, unlimited conscious and we transcend life. Remember and try to feel that the tree, the seed, the rock, the child is you".

10. Law of sacrifice - "you need to give something in order to have something in return.You have a lot to give, and there is no need to give what you don't have.Don't think about investing money you don't have, offer with confidence your time, your energy, your love, your enthusiasm - all resources you have in unlimited supply to receive what you most wish for."

Now, you might get the strange feeling, deep inside, that you already knew these principles...and you did.Sometimes you acted accordingly, sometimes you didn't. That intuitive feeling is telling you that it has always been like this, you were maybe to materially anchored to act upon it. The truth is that, not only you knew, you have always been convinced that this is the only way to fell in harmony, relaxed and confident. You always knew that your thoughts create your reality. Am I right? ...

Laws of attraction - Is there more than one law?

There are several universal laws that are sometimes just called laws of attraction (laws of creation I dare to say), which are the invisible, but extremely powerful version of all physical laws existing on earth. Actually, more scientifically laws than ever have started to argue that these laws can actually be very easily demonstrated, so I could argue that they are the same as all the other aspects that we know to have influence on our lives. Attraction laws are as certain as gravity, as you may heard about results of research in quantum physics.The bottom line is that our thoughts create reality we want to manifest!

It might be possible that these laws, being called like that, might produce some kind of reticence to people who like to keep as much as their freedom and are a bit reluctant to things that tell them what to do. The truth is that we all are exposed to a lot of good and bad influences, but knowing these laws may actually increase a lot the quality of life for people who want more than just to go trough life without understanding spiritual and powerful things that happen around them. If you want to keep a positive mind, to work on increasing your confidence and concentration in the process of bringing happiness in your life, I do recommend you to know about laws of attraction.

The first law is the law of attraction. It simply states that whatever form of energy broadcasts out to the universe and is attracting to energies that are of an equal or harmonious frequency, resonance or vibration. Everything is energy, including ourselves, and everything vibrates on different levels. If you can use a super microscope you find out that everything around and in your body moves. Further more, if you change your usual kind of thoughts (a specific type of vibration), if you concentrate on having this habit of positive thinking, it will consequently attract things with similar vibration and bring all the changes that are reflected in your thoughts.

My personal belief is that this is a simple game that we all play everyday: some of us enjoy it, while some of us are not aware of the fun in the game and fail to see the benefits. Materializing thought and importance of thoughts we chose to have should be the first thing to learn for an individual. The ingredients for miracle happenings (which is practically turning a thought into reality) are: constant presence of thoughts we want to turn into reality in our minds, faith in the final outcome, a lot of happiness for being able to bring the change and actually feeling it happen, gratitude for the present, acting now, and expecting the exact outcome.

If you wish for the best, but you think and feel for the worst, you may want to align your wishes with your thoughts and feelings. In order to find more about these amazing principles that work for us, and be totally enthusiastic about laws of attraction, I recommend a recent book I red: Bob Proctor-“You were born rich”.

I love my self

I had this impression, and I still have it, that loving yourself is the most challenging and life changing experience. I wish one day to be able to look in my own eyes and fell the enormous gratitude and love for my self, for who I am right now, for what I can do.

What does loving yourself really mean? I believe it means having this constant feeling of affection, a constant feeling of peace and gratitude. You don't need any reason to love, the reason is just you.This is what we refer as being the unconditioned love, a true lesson that I am so trying to learn. Reality is that we can not expect to love people around us, if we are not capable of loving our selves.

Now, do you love your self when you feel guilty for something in your life? Do you love your self when you constantly make sacrifices, when you ignore your inner voice, your instincts, when you do things you don't like? Does it feel like love when you constantly criticize your self (I can't do that, I am ugly, I am stupid...)?Go deeper, and ask your self, does it fell like love when you go into fights, when you are upset, when you judge people around you? This is the same as hating your self. All these things affect your level of vibration, and attract more unwanted things in your life. Everyone will become aware of that at some point.

I have this belief that love, starting with self love, is the key to peace and joy in everyone lives, and eventually, in this world. You can explain it by the lows (attraction, vibration and other), you can explain it with your own experience, or you can just feel the truth inside you. Actually, the best feeling is when you din't need any explanation at all, you just knew.

Start at some point. Start caring about yourself, stop saying bad things about you, about your life expectations, start loving everything that is about you, start treating your self right. The bottom line is that this is simply a game of do's and don'ts and it can be incredibly fun choosing all the good things you want to keep in your life and just throwing away the other!

Here is a fantastic quote from Emmet Fox that inspired me a lot in appreciating true nature of love: "There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no wall that enough love will not tear down; no sin that enough love will not forgive(...)If you could only love enough, you could be the most happy and powerful person in the world."

I give my energy and resources

This is about the fascinating balance in life on giving and receiving back, or tacking and losing more of what you have. This balance can also be explained by the laws (attraction and vibration)and I believe it's an interesting lesson on unconditioned love. Offering is a practice of becoming better day by day, of cultivating more positive thoughts, by giving away with simple love your energy in any form you may have it: you can give passion, time, intelligence, deep involvement in your business and work; you can offer affection, wise words or advises, confidence for those around you; you can offer from your personal resources (money, cloths) for those who don't have that much. Any act of giving is unconditionally followed by it's opponent - you receive back more. I truly believe that and it's something that life has already demonstrated for most of us.

Real giving is natural, serene and unconditioned. If you only offer your money for cherish because you want God to give you more, than think again, because you are not giving just for the purpose to give and feel the happiness of doing that.Generosity is a great habit for those who want to fell more joy in their lives. On the other hand, generosity is never about you, is about the object/subject of your generosity.You need to make sure that, when you give, you are not actually tacking more. For instance, you can chose to give money for a family, but you might take away the father's personal power to overcome difficult situations, his self-confidence, or the mother's love from their children. After that, you might experience some lacks in your life as well because of your action.

You might feel that you give away all your energy and time at work...Well, giving is a happy habit, and if you expect to get some return investment on that, there is this basic condition to be fulfilled - feel generous with your time, with your own resources, fell happy about your involvement, fell like you are the one choosing to be there (it's obviously so), and expect for the best results as a consequence. It's ok if you don't have money to invest, I believe that you can fulfil all your needs if you give what you have - and I believe we have plenty of energy to work with, and so many ways to increase it.

What about taking? We all sometimes take things we feel like we need. We need to be loved (because we hate ourselves) and we force people to show some kind of affection from us - usually we get more disappointed. We get into fights or tensioned relations, and steel other's energy and just throw it away. Even just taking stationary that is not ours for the office is a manifestation of unbalanced energy that you are taking and will eventually lose (your car gets stolen, or you end up with less money etc.)

We have so much to give and so much to receive in our lives. Take it as a funny game of "who gives more", and remember that the only competition going on is just with you, as there is plenty for everybody out there.

...beliefs&positive affirmations

I hope that you have all got the idea that everything needs to be simple, if you want it to work. I have red thousand of pages of self development books, which I am so grateful for, but when it comes to extracting the lessons and insert them into your thoughts and actions, my personal belief is that we don't need to frustrate our self to read 10 pages articles, about what something you already know means, you just need some incentive, some small steps to remind you daily of the path you have chosen to take. Something easy and pleasurable, something fun to do, after a 15/20 minutes read.

Designing your own list of positive affirmations is a great thing to do. I've learned about what that means, and about the role and impact of saying to yourself all good beliefs you want to have about your life in the book of Louise L. Hay - "The power is within you" - you can check more info out here. . Our mind is like a lady's closet. We can chose to shuffle there new cloths, in a small tiny space completely unsuitable, and keep the old ones that will not do us any good (these are the negative beliefs, the things we sometimes kept from our childhood, from when we were really young and completely vulnerable to people we grew up with, or thinks we have started believing in difficult times of our lives, like "I will never find a partner", "I'm not good enough for a better job" etc.)Or we can clean our closet of all the used cloths, they do not fit us any more and make proper room for nicer ones, that make us feel happier when we wear them. It's the same with our beliefs on life and ourselves.

Think about it. Make a list of things you know you belief, because they pop up in your head like this, think it through, you want them to stop. Burn the list then and make a big fire (please do this outside:).I did that, and it was so life changing that I can't even explain... Now, replace them with all good things you would like you unconscious mind to act upon, and start repeating them every day, in all kind of ways. Start having fun! Record your voice saying how grateful you are for you health, your prosperity and listen to it while relaxed. Have fun and say it to yourself in the mirror. Make a desktop or a screen saver with nice pictures, nice colours and nicer beliefs. You are the one asking for your life to be fantastic, and you are the one who is always at the other side answering. I have affirmation for happiness, for health, for money, for professional activities, for love, for my vision on life. Go make your own!Eventually, your thoughts will create your reality.


...can actually be a great help in building this habit of positive thinking. Thoughts, words, spoken ones, affirmations and statements, beliefs that we say to our mind, or in our conversations everyday, these are all tools that our mind works with in the process of manifesting thoughts into reality. You can imagine that is totally redundant to have 5 minutes of positive thoughts, but to complain or niggle the entire day with whoever you meet with.There is obviously this need to be constant and totally into good feelings and thoughts if you really want something good to happen in your life.

This is something that I red in the Anthony Robbins's book, called "Discover the force within you". The basic idea is that we need to think more thorough about words we tend to use every day in describing our feelings, state of minds etc. and really think about their impact on our minds. I had periods in my life when I was feeling really tired of working so much, and I was always saying that to whoever would have asked.No I believe that this was actually making me feel more tired than I was. So, I decided to replace the word (and therefore the feeling that comes with it) in "I feel like I can use a recharge" - these makes me feel happier and relaxed.Whatever words you chose, it is very important to make it funny so you can laugh with joy.

One challenge in this process is to feel confident and not care or be hurt if people, friends or relatives will help you.You need to be constant and use these words in talking with all of them.Generally, people who complain a lot or maybe have other interests than you will not understand what you are doing. And is perfectly fine, it's ok!I used to have difficulties in answering the same dull question "How are you today".My answer was inevitably "I'm very good, I am great, I fell wonderful" and then my friends would give me a weird look and make fun of me cause I always give them this answer, instead of plain old fool of sheet meanings - I'm ok...Guess what happened? I now feel inevitably great, no matter the question and who put it.

Here are some examples of word changing that I have implemented so far. Remember that you need to have your own words, as the most important thing is what you perceive and feel of any word, feeling etc. And make it fun!

disappointed - in standby, delayed
busy - feeling funny making money
weird - funny
stressed - blessed
sad - awoken to reality, intoxicated
fine - fantastic
confident - unstoppable
lucky - invincible
relaxed - serene

And the list may go on.Be sure to have your own words to make you feel special and happy!


Now there is a word that I believe the entire humanity has a problem with..DISCIPLINE - I wrote it in bold so you can feel better what I mean.Why should we feel obliged, forced, in need to live our life in discipline - in order to get the fabulous body, get the fabulous job, get the fantastic lover etc.Having a discipline in the process of pursuing your wishes means, in my opinion, like having an insurance that the process will eventually finish and you will get what you wanted (and expected for!).

For most of the people discipline is not something easy to manifest every day, especially in those aspects of our life that we are dying to change, where we have most of our wishes and fantasies, but there are these thoughts, these deep inner thoughts, that, whatever you want to do, is not that easy.

In order to really appreciate discipline, to see the benefits that it can bring, please see discipline as a synonym with "sweet waiting". You need to trust that, day by day, manifesting more positive thoughts, practising all those things you know will lead to a more happier you (you know it as there is this inside voice that will always confirm that for you) you will bring yourself to jackpot success!The beauty of the human mind is that, at one point, every thing you do, with your mind, body or spirit, becomes a custom, a habit that you will find so easy to do after only 2,3 weeks. Including discipline!

Why do we need it? Imagine one goal you've set for yourself at one point. Like building a perfect body, or buying a motorcycle, or whatever it is. At first, usually we get the thrill of the desire - we imagine how it would be and that makes us happy, we visualise some images, most of them are positive.We even try to put down a basic, start up plan to do that (Ok, I will buy a subscription to the gym, and will go there 3 time a week after work...). Great!The next few weeks are the real challenge.

The mind get this idea that whatever we want to do and it's new, than it shouldn't be there, and we have this war in our minds between what it is and what comes new, and is unknown. Discipline is so sweet as it allows us to integrate the positive things we want in our lives. Discipline is about appreciating your self and loving your self, and actually believing in your hopes. If you just secretly wish for something, but have no will in doing something for that, anything, than...ask for self? What are you doing really? Does it worth it? Because you deserve it all, there is no doubt about that.