Kundalini meditation | Movement meditation

Yesterday, I experienced my second kundalini meditation, a meditation in movement.I feel now richer with love, personal feelings on life and past experiences. I found myself in the spirit of a young Indonesian girl dancing in Bali. I had long fingers, and I felt like creating these waves of soft white energy around me, and I felt the love gratitude of offering it back to others. Then, I slipped in a long endless tunnel to experience my true self-love - and it was going deeper and deeper. I found my self under the thick and fascinating polar ice of the ocean, and I was swimming with the current and playing with the blue light radius.

Meditation experience is like reality, only that it is not with you, it's with your peaceful, neutral, fellingless spirit. It's about experiencing the true dual nature of you, where good and bad are not opposite, but some how disappear in a dimension where there is no track of this endless conflict.Meditation allows you to understand all your faces, your lives, you in a deeper and endless sense. Specifically, kundalini meditation allows you to connect to ancient collective spirit.You can be the African connecting with the nature in a tribal dance around the fire, or you can a master experiencing an initialization.You can be whatever you spirit in expressing at a given moment in your moves and dance steps.

The secret is letting go, is ignoring any rational process interfering and giving you any feeling of fear to express, or being ashamed.Basicly, any meditation means to leave your mind to rest for a while.After that, it will always be calmer, see things more clear and will obey to you an your unbeatable intuition.It will ease the connection between you and the universe, and not act as a barrier. Kundalini is a great meditation, as it involves your body as well, and it works with one of the most powerful energy, the sexual one.

Should you like to try Kundalini meditation, feel free to contact me and ask more on that.The first step in getting something is being curious about it :).

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