Magic box

Recently a friend told me a parable about Occident and Orient people and mentalities. It was also a lesson for me about the simple and peaceful way to live the life, in opposition to how some things have turned the life in something complicated and totally a struggle.

Some time in the past, a magic box was uncovered by an old man living in a forest.When a coin was introduced in the box, there was this flower coming out from the other side. Every time the mad put a coin in it, a flower would appear.Since this was a real breakthrough and no technology available at the moment could explain that, the people from Orient and the people from Occident wanted to study and analyse the little magic box...

First, the Occidentals took the box.They established this team of researchers and great scientists and decided to open the magic box to see what was in it, since they couldn't explain the process. After opening the box, they were surprised to find out that inside there were another two small and similar magic boxes.Every time a coin was introduced in any of the boxes, a flower would come out on the other side.The team, overwhelmed by the situation, created 2 departments to study each box.They opened again each box, and other 2 boxes would appear.The decided to create the Research Institute for the Magic Box, they hired hundreds of people, and, at the end, the boxes were to small to introduced any coins in it. The research institute went bankrupt.

Then, the Oriental people took the magic box. They gave it to a single budist monk to figure it out. The man introduced coins at every moment of the day, and a different flower would appear: a rose, a tulip, a lily, red, white, yellow.Than, he took the box to the forest, and a green flower would appear.He would take the magic box on a lake shore, and a sunflower would appear for each coin.The man observed the magic box...

Some people are like observers, gazing and truly understanding the nature and miracles of life, and do not need to uncover it's secrets, as this is understood when observing in quiet relaxation.Other are constantly struggling to find out more, but forget their role is to appreciate and contemplate the beauty of life, and not to destroy it by excessive rationalization and need to control, therefore lack of confidence and love for the miracle that is.

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