How to believe you are rich

I love this game here...feeling like I own anything I want, I have all security and confidence in life that money can give you, and have all the material support necessary to develop in any sense. Whoever says that you don't need money, or material comfort to spiritually or intellectually bullshitting. I believe everyone has the right to enjoy all life's beauty and fascination, and everybody can be a perfect expression of the spirit that is above us, while living in peace and abundance.

I understood that being rich is firstly an attitude. People are perceived wealthy because they act accordingly. Think about it! Just take one person that you fell is materially doing well...does he/she complains of not having enough money to wash the car, or of that coat being to expensive, or stays at home because he/she doesn't have money to get out every week? Off course not!They feel and believe they are prosperous, they act accordingly, and things happen in their life...just because of that!Our mind is like this fantastic on-line order form, filled in with all our beliefs and sent to the universe permanently, which gives us back more of what we order.

Here is a little mind tricking game I learned and adapted from this awesome guy named Richard Bandler. How to make your mind think you are rich?For every type of beliefs (certain ones) we generally picture, imagine or feel inside our mind several characteristics (they are called sub-modalities). For negative, scary, limited beliefs, like "I will never find the one for me", "Making money is so damn hard", "I am fat" ...every person has a specific image, voice, smell, touch, taste or even sensitive feeling going on in the mind and body. On the other hand, positive and happy beliefs (I have a great job, My boyfriend loves me, My hair is great...) have different sub-modalities.

The trick is to reverse these features of beliefs. Take an example of each cathegory and study their submodalities. When I take a bad belief, I fell a light pain close to the heart mooving clockwords, I imagine a picture in the right side, not very bright, in witch i am depersonalized). Thinking of a good beliefs, I fell a relief in the chest, I see a front side, bigger and brighter image, where I am in person. Prety different, right?

Steps to take for your mind to believe you are rich:

1. Make an analyze on submodalities on the belief that "You are rich" (which you have some doubts about) and another positive belief you know you have. Try to see all elements and be attentive to differences;

2. Take the pozitive belief (I believe the sun is going to come up tomorrow always work for me) and just imagine to push the image with all the feelings asociated far in the distance, and rapidly bring in the front the negative belief, while keeping the submodalities asociatied woth the positive one. Feel like you are thinking of the sun, but think about you being rich.

3. Reverse. Take the belief that "You are poor" and push it away in the distance, and than quickly bring it back in the sub-modalities of uncertainty, negative beliefs. In this way your mind will want to believe more about you being rich, exacly like it knows the sun is goinng to come up tomorrow. :)

4. Do these exercises several times and analyse the changes and how you feel. Do it for everything!I like to play with it.Speed-up your power in the process off your thoughts creating reality.

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