You are what you eat

I feel I have been caring this permanent, life-going inner conflict between me and my personal life choices for so much time now...I am richer with insights and discoveries, I know so many things about how a life can be turned around, and still there is a great difference in order to actually apply the basics changes for life...

Life and what you make out of it is itself made of all simple things we chose to do every day. What you eat, how you care for your body, all the things you do to protect and love yourself are as equally important. Our body is like our temple, where energy flows more freely and generates positive actions and thoughts if it is protected and cherished. I don't believe in intelligence and life success in weaken and vicious bodies, I believe that out true peaceful and loving nature is created in a healthy condition, where energy has natural sources, where we truly connect with nature and demonstrate love for everything that is, firstly, material.

To love yourself means to offer you a life lived in health, to enable all natural processes and allow high-level energy to flow... Every time we do otherwise we chose to eat things that take our energy, we harm our body, we weaken our muscles and bones,or the organs with whatever bad habit we take (or a habit we are not able to build for ourselves). This is such a visible vicious circle we put ourselves in, and still neglect its long-term proofs and effects.

Why do people do that? Even when seeing it clearly? Why do people don't just change when they see the good in it? There could be a lot of social, political and mass scale life-style education arguments I could consider, but I do believe that we have the most important word to say when making decisions for ourselves. Only you can decide how to live your life. If you want to experience the powerful nature of your soul and materialize all great things in life, start with your temple. It will then make so much room for good thoughts and beautiful feelings, to make your life fantastic...

No wonder why the ancients were rather anchored in this reality principle...You maybe more familiar with the Latin expression - "Mens sana in corpore sano". Do not neglect your body if you wish your mind to work out all solutions and aspirations for you!

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