This step leads to another

I found my self drifting away in the thoughts of to what extend am I so different from you, from others...I may be extremely different, but still I am a part of you, as you are a part of all human kind. Also, I believe that we are witnessing a rise of perception and emotional intelligence and spirituality of the entire humanity. I don't know if it's about end of the world predictions and influences, or it is just the expected evolution of civilizations...I may be just someone willing to look at it and honour it in silence.

I managed to understand how the general known politic strategy - small steps philosophy - can actually influence and give more energy and meaning to my life. For some time I found it very difficult to live the present, just be, in every minute of the life. Facts make you want some things to never end, and some to pass away quickly. Also, the desire to be perfect and make things perfect gets you think more about your actions, and results, and how would it be, and...Often, to much energy is spend to rationalize actions, before they actually become one. But every dream may become real by choosing to act, by changing something so that it becomes visible for you.

The general tendencies to wait, to think of whatever you are dealing with, to stay for a while in the dark, are basicly the result of lack of confidence. He who has frustrations and hesitates a lot has his intuition cancelled by his own power. The issue of intuition has interested me a lot lately. I think intuition is the direct channel to you inner, powerful you, and it is always right, it can predict the future and always send you relevant signs to consider.Intuition is different than a general worry or negative belief, and your body will always show you that, directly in the region of the heart (spiritualists would say in the heart chakra). I am sure you had moment in life when you believed something will happen, or when observed some important thing, and the feeling was perfectly confident and sure of it self. It did not pose a threat, nor questions related to it's meaning, as it somehow seamed to be very clear.

I know that every small step is like an action bringing me closer to my vision on life. Waiting is not an option any more, while acting upon any given opportunity is the best symbol for my gratitude. This goes for learning, love, family, friends, money, profession. Whatever plan or action keeps showing up in your mind, just say yes to it and make it happen. I does not need to relate directly to your vision, but it is a small step leading with certainty to everything that is good for you.

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