...is the key in changing your mood and attracting all wonderful and fantastic things in life.Now, you already got the idea that everything you need to do in order to be happy and change your thoughts into reality is simple. I don't want to hear anything else, as relaxation is our primary nature. I love Italians, as they have an expression for the mood of doing nothing - "dolce far niente" - doing nothing is sweet.I really think people should take their relaxation more serious.

When we are relaxed, people have this temporary talent in overcoming any difficulties, as they simple pass by.When we are relaxed, the subconscious is closer to ourselves and get our messages and suggestions very easy, as they can enter very rapidly into our mind and start making the changes you want to happen (or, if you are not aware of that, you can think of all those things you hate, and guess what will happen).

One way in which you can relax is by breathing - every time you feel nervous breed deeply several times, be conscious about the clean air you are taking in, and clear you mind. You can do that for couple of minutes and you will start feeling relaxed and more confident in dealing with whatever you are dealing with. One other form of relaxation, a fantastic one, is meditation. Meditation is so so simple. Meditation is about making your mind shut up, about standing steel, breathing and enjoying the quietness of yourself.There is something fantastic about making your mind take a break.

The truth is that we permanently, 24/7, have thoughts, all kind of them, running through our minds. Give yourself a break from time to time, focus on being relaxed, focus on something else them your mind talking, and you will see that it will be very easy to feel more confident and have more positive thoughts. Relaxation is the simple opportunity we can access each day to think positive and bring changes we want in your life.


...from your self...for your self. That's what you get from your own dreams, every time, if you are interested just to hear what they have to say. I have always bought the psychological version of dream's role.You don't need to know the fantastic meaning of some words (O God, I had dream about a carrot, what did it want to say, Oh lord!), you just need to take your dreams serious, as they have messages of how to solve problems you are dealing with. At night, when you are ready to go to sleep, think with love and positive expectations towards your dreams and ask for meaningful messages to help you in whatever you want. It is as easiest as that, I tell you.Once you get your message, it will seam so natural, it will just pop out like it has always been there. If it is something that you don't like that much (one solution that you have been afraid to implement in the real life) but it was so simple to think of it, it seemed natural, and you keep on thinking of, ask your self where is the truth and be honest with you, the last thing you need is to lye to yourself.

Right now I am so thrilled by the dream I had last night.I am more thrilled about the message, I didn't need to search for it, my mind just told me what I need to do from now on, and it was one of the most fantastic moments I had with myself.Always note and keep in some place all these messages that might bring a great change in your life, a change you desperately need.I dreamed about travelling in far away places, such as Japan (In a hotel that was crushing down), I dreamed about being there with friends (I don't consider real friends), I dreamed about moving in a new house (but it was the smaller house in front of a great palace).And right in my dream I understood that I wasn't crediting enough my own dreams, something in my mind just said with a simple, neutral and powerful voice: "Believe!"And that was fantastic, because this is the only think I need to do to make my dreams become real, and not crush them down as illusions and be grateful for less.

Enjoy your dreams and build a great relation with yourself through your dreams, as they are thoughts to turn into reality and they tell you what did your subconscious mind understood you actually want from your daily thoughts you have. Think at it as a gate to your unlimited potential allowing you to know how you are going and what more you need to do, in your thoughts, in your life, while enjoying it!


...will take you to success. Please bear in mind that. Today I will talk today about simple steps to make your life explode of happiness! One of my new year's resolution is to go on a Mediterranean Cruise next year. Factual aspects: I have few money at the moment, no one in my circle of friends finds that interesting, I have only 20 days of vacation next year, but you know what - I don't care, cause I'm going to do this! My reality though knows that this is simply possible. So first simple step is to plan something you want, and see it in a different perspective - the possibility that stands in it is all in your hands. I know it is possible to turn it into reality, I wish for it, I want it, and I expect it to happen.

Many of us have no problem with the first few steps. But what about expecting?Do you consider your wishes simple dreams, or illusions, but you don't think of them as being real, as being actually delivered to you?Illusions will always suck energy out of you, when you consume your resources on dreaming of some things you don't actually expect to happen, because you think are impossible, or you don't deserve it etc. Don't lose your time on things you don't think will happen.

Positive thinking - means dreaming with hope that every dream will come true, as this is the amazing power that human holds within.Just look around you, to people that do that every day. It would be better if you didn't need any proofs, as simply feeling you inside will inspire you all the confidence you need. And don't struggle too much, just believe in your dream and keep yourself open to opportunities by being happy in your daily life, expecting the best, acting upon these principles, and just enjoy what comes along.

And it means also a lot of other little things that can change our lives, and just make it better. I believe in permanent happiness of people, I believe in perfection of human and life right here, and I know that it takes small confident steps in achieving that.


...run better through your mind.At least this is what I thing. I am not a guru in psychology, but there are some (simple) things that it's enough for me to know about my mind and subconscious to make my life a better one. I really hope and believe that this is the case for you too. Actually, one belief that I have is that all human king hold a great knowledge regarding the way mind works, their own personal mind, and that we just need to access that.Beliefs are like the fundamental of everything that happens in our life. You believe (regardless of being aware or not very aware of that) x thing, and you have thoughts of xxx running through your mind, and xxxxx happen in your life.

You can imagine your thoughts as the food that you offer for your subconsciousness everyday. It is a very tolerant guy, as it takes everything for granted, and it will not comment on the positiveness or not of your thoughts and beliefs. If you have thoughts of fear, of disappointment, if you don't trust someone, if your thoughts are the kind that make your stomach fell some pain a little bit, then your deeper mind will just take it and build a context for you to feel more of that. I think human mind is fantastic, as more and more studies have started to reveal how thoughts vibrations attract things of the same vibration and how the human brain is infinite, as it can store all knowledge that there is in this universe.Therefore, once you will truly start to belief that it is your mind or your inner nature that actually masters everything that is in your life, I know you will start believing that you are the only master around. Just build this belief in your mind, and feel the intense gratefulness of doing that, as you will be capable of changing your life with your thoughts.

I personally believe that, I managed to insert this strong belief in my mind and I can not tell enough how incredible it is to feel that it's up to myself to create anything I want. It's actually fun!Remember that your thoughts create your reality.

Some tips and tricks that I should mention, as the hole idea of this blog is to keep it all simple, as many people have had the tendency to complicate it all:
1. You will start believing that you are responsible for everything in your life, and that it's your mind that has the power to answer to your thoughts and create a reality just as in your thoughts;

2. Your mind accepts all thoughts you want to have and turns them into reality. It does not care if you wish for happiness but think of sadness all the time - it will just keep on offering you what you thing for, as what you thing for is what you expect for in your future;

3. As NLP fans certainly now, NO is a word that doesn't exist in our mind's vocabulary! When you say "I don't want to be hurt any more" your mind things on it's own that you want (so bad, as you constantly repeat the stupid thing you don't want)
to be hurt by other people, and by yourself.Start thinking in the positive way, we are all so cleaver and know all this words in the vocabulary... My favourite word is fantastic (I use it for everything!)

4. Another favourite - did you know that every time you say something bad about someone you are actually convincing your mind that it's you who is so stupid, so selfish, so ugly etc.Try saying nice things of every body and what change you will see, just in a few weeks!!Just do it for your self!

Since there are so many things to say about the importance of positive thinking and thoughts becoming reality, let's just have fun and keep things simple!


...is just another dimension of our inner life. Reality is most accessible with human and simple senses, but out own internal images, emotions and fears are as real as things that we all call as being the reality.

Behind this equality (thoughts = reality - thoughts create reality) there is a simple rule, or law, called the attraction law. One you accept and integrate the belief that all that is in your life is a result of your previous thoughts and beliefs, than you can actually start having fun! Take all responsibility you need, but no track of guiltiness, and dream of what you can accomplish from now on.

The law of attraction simply says that we all bring in our lives the things we first imagine, or think of, or feel. Just thing about it? How amazing could this be? How is your life now? Is there anything (good) in your life that you didn't wish or expect for?Is there anything in your life that you feared or thoughts for some time that you didn't regretfully experience.

I would like to bring more arguments for that. YOU are your master, your ruler, you have the power to decide what to bring in your life. Each and everyone of us have managed to accomplish everything by believing that this is possible and achievable. I'm not saying you should stay with your hand up in the air while expecting some miracle to happen. You are capable of manufacturing your own dreams. But you first need to believe that this is the only reality you need to know. Your thoughts ARE your reality!