...is the key in changing your mood and attracting all wonderful and fantastic things in life.Now, you already got the idea that everything you need to do in order to be happy and change your thoughts into reality is simple. I don't want to hear anything else, as relaxation is our primary nature. I love Italians, as they have an expression for the mood of doing nothing - "dolce far niente" - doing nothing is sweet.I really think people should take their relaxation more serious.

When we are relaxed, people have this temporary talent in overcoming any difficulties, as they simple pass by.When we are relaxed, the subconscious is closer to ourselves and get our messages and suggestions very easy, as they can enter very rapidly into our mind and start making the changes you want to happen (or, if you are not aware of that, you can think of all those things you hate, and guess what will happen).

One way in which you can relax is by breathing - every time you feel nervous breed deeply several times, be conscious about the clean air you are taking in, and clear you mind. You can do that for couple of minutes and you will start feeling relaxed and more confident in dealing with whatever you are dealing with. One other form of relaxation, a fantastic one, is meditation. Meditation is so so simple. Meditation is about making your mind shut up, about standing steel, breathing and enjoying the quietness of yourself.There is something fantastic about making your mind take a break.

The truth is that we permanently, 24/7, have thoughts, all kind of them, running through our minds. Give yourself a break from time to time, focus on being relaxed, focus on something else them your mind talking, and you will see that it will be very easy to feel more confident and have more positive thoughts. Relaxation is the simple opportunity we can access each day to think positive and bring changes we want in your life.

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