my personal +100 reasons to be grateful

I was to much anchored for a while in the rush of daily life and reality, and somehow I lost mu self, and the joy that comes within..I really don't know what happened, I guess is just one of those phases you need to go through to get back on your feet again.I has trying to explain how I feel, yesterday night, and I came up with this exhaustive drawing of my being...:)

I feel like something empty, like I am very conscious of all wonderful things that surround me, but they can not come in, cause there is a thick layer that "protects" me...I don't feel any anger, any pain, I just don't feel anything...My friend told me that all the thick layers are made of all my former beliefs that went in the unconscious, and fight to be recognized. All the beliefs that I had from the past - that I am not good enough, life is a struggle, love ends like it happened to my parents, being abundant is impossible, people are selfish ... They have a conflict with the new me, and the new things I believe about life...It's like a freaking war going on.

But this is good. This means I am progressing, I am changing ans welcoming change in my life...Anyway, my friend suggest me to write 100 reasons for what I am gratefully today. I believe some of you may need to do that also, therefore I am offering you an incentive to do so...

I am extremely grateful for:

1. my professional path, activity, and the work I do everyday in a less conventional, multinational and non-governmental environment, where people recognize my capacities;
2. friends I have to support and offer me and advice and example to deal in life, whenever I need it;
3. my improved relation and positive environment with my family, with all of them, and it feels to good having done with the adolescent phase in my life;
4. my special relation, beyond physical and normal layers of love, that I have with my lover;
5. the one week trip that I am going to have in April in 3 lovely cities of Georgia;
6. the beautiful yellow rose I received yesterday, that I am looking right now;
7. the immense freedom I have to express my beliefs, to chose my thoughts and the freedom I have to dream and think in positive attitude;
8. my health and that all small problems I have can be overcome easily, in a short time;
9. all the wonderful paces I visited in this life, and all wonderful places I will travel to, while uncovering my self;
10. for going to see Othello opera play tonight;
11. for all the money I make, for all the thinks I buy with them and for the fact that they bring me simple happiness and joy;
12. for uncovering my creative talent and having the courage to start something unconventional I believe is going to take me somewhere far – designing hand made brooches;
13. For all the thousands books I have red and will read in the future, and all the lives I’ve lived through them;
14. for the beautiful city I live in and for the sea;
15. for my new sweet blue 14 inch sony vayo laptop;
16. for my crazy cat, that always makes me smile – she doesn’t know that;
17. my child-hood friend, for being next to me for the last 15 years and for trying to understand me and my changes, for being honest and for loving me;
18. for being part of a wonderful group of people with spiritual interests where I can meditate every Friday;
19. for all the nice, coloured and beautiful feminine clothes I have in my full closet;
20. for going early to work every day, so that I can see the beautiful sunrise, coming out of the sea;
21. for having a lot of people I know from past experiences;
22. for my looks, for my hands and my beautiful hair;
23. for the fact that I am left-handed and that I think faster than other people;
24. I am grateful for my ambition that helped me go through many things in life and got me here;
25. for being able to talk well in English;
26. I am grateful for my good-looking, smart, sensitive and intuitive lover;
27. I am grateful for the nice relation I have with my boyfriend’s mother and for the fact that she loves me like I am her own daughter;
28. I am grateful for the fact that my mother takes care of me, she washes, irons, cleans my room and makes my dinner;
29. I am grateful for being able to work with young children and for giving me energy and more mature understanding on life;
30. I am grateful for private health insurance, that is so much flexible;
31. I am grateful for the flexible program I have at work and for being able to have other independent, money- generating activities;
32. For all long-distance friends I have;
33. For my elegant swatch;
34. For all my perfumes;
35. I am grateful for having an active social life, a busy professional-leisure-love schedule.

Damn, it’s hard to find 100 reasons…and I don’t want to starting counting my sexy underwear, or all small things I have that make my happy. It’s just life that makes me so grateful…

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