Sedona method

This is about a very interesting and simple method, the sedona method, you can use on yourself to control your thoughts and bring more positiveness, and all that comes after that, in your life. It is a very useful tool to use if you want to have more relaxation and more happiness in your life, and just live the moment with peace, freedom and serenity.

It also called the "letting go", and it might be familiar for NLP practitioners or fans. It is developed by author and CEO Hale Dwoskin.

Many times I heard from many people, including my self, that there are so many obstacles in achieving what ever we want in our lives, and it feels like a great frustration, increasing day by day. The truth is that every obstacle is a lesson and it is an opportunity to learn more and develop as persons, and every obstacle brings so much confidence and progress after being overcome.

Sedona method is based on triple welcoming exercise that you can just use at any moment in your life:
1. open your heart, feel your arms embracing, accept in you and WELCOME all the feelings attached to a problem you might experience - like unhappiness, loneliness, or the bad beliefs associated with that, unhealthy condition - think about what you are experiencing and well come it in your life with peace;

2. second step in sedona method is about practising the same gestures and WELCOME all the thoughts of wanting to change that particle problem, wanting it to turn into better, wanting to forget, and all those feelings that make you feel very connected with the problem and very affected by it;

3. the third and final step of sedona method is to WELCOME all the feelings and beliefs that the problem is about you, is you have determined it, or is you who are engaged in the situation.

I have tried sedona method and I am still mesmerized when I see how easy and rapidly it can work. Make your own experiment! Just take on aspect in your life that you don't like and do the steps presented. You will see that it leaves you thoughtless, completely calm and peaceful, all thoughts just disappear, and it gives you a sense that you are unlimited and incredibly powerful, in control of your life. In just 5 minutes!

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