I give my energy and resources

This is about the fascinating balance in life on giving and receiving back, or tacking and losing more of what you have. This balance can also be explained by the laws (attraction and vibration)and I believe it's an interesting lesson on unconditioned love. Offering is a practice of becoming better day by day, of cultivating more positive thoughts, by giving away with simple love your energy in any form you may have it: you can give passion, time, intelligence, deep involvement in your business and work; you can offer affection, wise words or advises, confidence for those around you; you can offer from your personal resources (money, cloths) for those who don't have that much. Any act of giving is unconditionally followed by it's opponent - you receive back more. I truly believe that and it's something that life has already demonstrated for most of us.

Real giving is natural, serene and unconditioned. If you only offer your money for cherish because you want God to give you more, than think again, because you are not giving just for the purpose to give and feel the happiness of doing that.Generosity is a great habit for those who want to fell more joy in their lives. On the other hand, generosity is never about you, is about the object/subject of your generosity.You need to make sure that, when you give, you are not actually tacking more. For instance, you can chose to give money for a family, but you might take away the father's personal power to overcome difficult situations, his self-confidence, or the mother's love from their children. After that, you might experience some lacks in your life as well because of your action.

You might feel that you give away all your energy and time at work...Well, giving is a happy habit, and if you expect to get some return investment on that, there is this basic condition to be fulfilled - feel generous with your time, with your own resources, fell happy about your involvement, fell like you are the one choosing to be there (it's obviously so), and expect for the best results as a consequence. It's ok if you don't have money to invest, I believe that you can fulfil all your needs if you give what you have - and I believe we have plenty of energy to work with, and so many ways to increase it.

What about taking? We all sometimes take things we feel like we need. We need to be loved (because we hate ourselves) and we force people to show some kind of affection from us - usually we get more disappointed. We get into fights or tensioned relations, and steel other's energy and just throw it away. Even just taking stationary that is not ours for the office is a manifestation of unbalanced energy that you are taking and will eventually lose (your car gets stolen, or you end up with less money etc.)

We have so much to give and so much to receive in our lives. Take it as a funny game of "who gives more", and remember that the only competition going on is just with you, as there is plenty for everybody out there.

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