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I hope that you have all got the idea that everything needs to be simple, if you want it to work. I have red thousand of pages of self development books, which I am so grateful for, but when it comes to extracting the lessons and insert them into your thoughts and actions, my personal belief is that we don't need to frustrate our self to read 10 pages articles, about what something you already know means, you just need some incentive, some small steps to remind you daily of the path you have chosen to take. Something easy and pleasurable, something fun to do, after a 15/20 minutes read.

Designing your own list of positive affirmations is a great thing to do. I've learned about what that means, and about the role and impact of saying to yourself all good beliefs you want to have about your life in the book of Louise L. Hay - "The power is within you" - you can check more info out here. . Our mind is like a lady's closet. We can chose to shuffle there new cloths, in a small tiny space completely unsuitable, and keep the old ones that will not do us any good (these are the negative beliefs, the things we sometimes kept from our childhood, from when we were really young and completely vulnerable to people we grew up with, or thinks we have started believing in difficult times of our lives, like "I will never find a partner", "I'm not good enough for a better job" etc.)Or we can clean our closet of all the used cloths, they do not fit us any more and make proper room for nicer ones, that make us feel happier when we wear them. It's the same with our beliefs on life and ourselves.

Think about it. Make a list of things you know you belief, because they pop up in your head like this, think it through, you want them to stop. Burn the list then and make a big fire (please do this outside:).I did that, and it was so life changing that I can't even explain... Now, replace them with all good things you would like you unconscious mind to act upon, and start repeating them every day, in all kind of ways. Start having fun! Record your voice saying how grateful you are for you health, your prosperity and listen to it while relaxed. Have fun and say it to yourself in the mirror. Make a desktop or a screen saver with nice pictures, nice colours and nicer beliefs. You are the one asking for your life to be fantastic, and you are the one who is always at the other side answering. I have affirmation for happiness, for health, for money, for professional activities, for love, for my vision on life. Go make your own!Eventually, your thoughts will create your reality.

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