Now there is a word that I believe the entire humanity has a problem with..DISCIPLINE - I wrote it in bold so you can feel better what I mean.Why should we feel obliged, forced, in need to live our life in discipline - in order to get the fabulous body, get the fabulous job, get the fantastic lover etc.Having a discipline in the process of pursuing your wishes means, in my opinion, like having an insurance that the process will eventually finish and you will get what you wanted (and expected for!).

For most of the people discipline is not something easy to manifest every day, especially in those aspects of our life that we are dying to change, where we have most of our wishes and fantasies, but there are these thoughts, these deep inner thoughts, that, whatever you want to do, is not that easy.

In order to really appreciate discipline, to see the benefits that it can bring, please see discipline as a synonym with "sweet waiting". You need to trust that, day by day, manifesting more positive thoughts, practising all those things you know will lead to a more happier you (you know it as there is this inside voice that will always confirm that for you) you will bring yourself to jackpot success!The beauty of the human mind is that, at one point, every thing you do, with your mind, body or spirit, becomes a custom, a habit that you will find so easy to do after only 2,3 weeks. Including discipline!

Why do we need it? Imagine one goal you've set for yourself at one point. Like building a perfect body, or buying a motorcycle, or whatever it is. At first, usually we get the thrill of the desire - we imagine how it would be and that makes us happy, we visualise some images, most of them are positive.We even try to put down a basic, start up plan to do that (Ok, I will buy a subscription to the gym, and will go there 3 time a week after work...). Great!The next few weeks are the real challenge.

The mind get this idea that whatever we want to do and it's new, than it shouldn't be there, and we have this war in our minds between what it is and what comes new, and is unknown. Discipline is so sweet as it allows us to integrate the positive things we want in our lives. Discipline is about appreciating your self and loving your self, and actually believing in your hopes. If you just secretly wish for something, but have no will in doing something for that, anything, than...ask for self? What are you doing really? Does it worth it? Because you deserve it all, there is no doubt about that.

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