People are bad...or aren't they?

From the moment we were born, and over time, life has somehow demonstrated us that there are sorts and kinds of people, and some of them you feel are just bad. Most are satisfied with their pre-pinned label, on how this is how good and bad. We go around pining people with their labels - Oh, you're mean,I don't want to talk to you...Hi, you are so nice!...This simple, but yet ignorant duplicity, emerges in our lives and seem to split everything in half: some people we love, other we don't (because we can't ...), some days are good, some are bad, and yes, we can only have good things or bad things around.

I challenge your mind to think it through...What is good? What is bad? How are you? I believe that the sense of duplicity is something we learn as children, in families and generally in society. Looking at the kids, there you see the real, original human kind, with no need to see the positive or negative aspect in anything - but just taking it as it is. After a time, we have learned what an identity and ego means, and gradually things become ours (not John's or Silvia's any more), we start to feel the need to protect from people around us, we perceive and fell outraged of emotional suffering that we are exposed to, and, in the verge of increased role of rationalization, we explain it - this is bad. From this to creating a hole personal world from it, it's just a step.

I believe evil exists because we exist and believe in it.All that is unwanted in a person's behaviour, life, experiences represent a direct result of his own projections (to some extend the others projections) on him/her self. When people approach me in a negative way, I like to think that they are caring this slave-like shadow made up of their life mistakes, bad habits, obsessions etc. and they act sometimes upon it in tension moments, or just generally, as they have build a sort of protection mechanist out of it. We all have out shadows, that are imprinted in our vibrational level and practically influence all our choices, what we attract in life and how we do it.

Being aware of that and totally accepting it is the first step in becoming better...there you go - better comes from good...So, what is good? Being good means, in my opinion, just being you in your most natural, energy-flowing, calm and relaxed state, while expressing the total gratitude for life's experience.It's not really what we generally perceive as good, as I believe that everything starts with this real loving you. If we could reconsider these generally accepted definitions of good and bad, and just rewrite our brain, imagine how life could be turned around - permanently. :)

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