Be in harmony with the universe

The thing that we all have been knowing and dealing with since childhood is the fact that we all live our lives under specific laws. Above regulations, personal or external limits, the ultimate frontier is to be in total consciousness of the way universe work, the way it generated energies towards you, as an integral part of everything that is around you.Being in total equilibrium means actually applying, in total awareness, the universal laws that have been known for thousands of years.
Why is it important to know how universal laws (attraction laws) work?

It's simple: you can chose to be in total control of your life, your experiences, your most greatest wishes, and live each day knowing that you are making the best out of your it, with true and palpable confidence, materializing it self; or, you can just not chose anything, not know and want to explain anything, not interested in feeling great, in loving and enjoying life in al it's fullness. So, what would it be?

Basics about universal laws

  • everything is simple, if you can just let the universe do its business, according to it's principles;
  • knowing the laws, hiving them constantly on your mind, insures that your subconscious mind will start choosing the right things in life;
  • your ego mights protest, but don't undermine what you already know about the universe;
  • positive thinking will make you fell sure and confident about you being at peace with the hole world;
1o Universal laws

1. Law of non-resistance - "when you simply accept with open heart everything that goes around in your life, you can let go and continue your progress much easier. Whilst holding on everything negative in your life (a bad habit, a thought of poverty, any kind of worry) will make you struggle more and trap you in negative energies, as the want you are keeping. Do not resist, just release!"

2. Law of receiving - "the universe always sends back what it received, it is always in stability and does not accept any prejudices. Send away positive thoughts, and you will just receive more. The same goes for negative ones!"
3. Law of gratitude - "the more you are grateful and happy with what you have at the present moment, the more you will get from what you are grateful for. Keep thanking and seeing the great things in your life right now!"

4. Law of supply - "for every inquiry from the nature, there is always an offer, which you will receive if you can admit that it is out there. Universe is infinity abundant, there is no need to compete with others as you have free non-limited access to this wealth. The more you give with open heart, the more you will receive, exactly what you need."

5. Law of thinking - "everything that is outside, external is an expression if the inside.Your life, your circumstances, your material situation, your looks is an expression of how you feel and what you think. Your interior, inner being is the reality!"

6. Law of cause and effect - "you might already know this: everything happens for a reason and it's a result of previous thoughts and actions. Treat people around you as you want to be treated. Any pursuit of passion is followed by the same positive effect. So, it is important to evaluate all our feelings, beliefs and actions in the light of results it might bring, and we should always be accompanied by love for life and enthusiasm in whatever we chose to do."

7. Law of obedience - "it simply says that the laws can not be just ignored, and their universality works with 100% certainty, in both ways. Consider them or not, it's your call."
8. Law of forgiveness - "to forgive is to free yourself from all obstacles in developing and being more happy. Any oppression and hate will always bring more in one's life. Non of us is perfect, we all live under limited knowledge transmitted during life, therefore hate is totally unjustifiable".

9. Law of oneness - "we are all one, we are all energy on different vibration.We are part of and infinite, unlimited conscious and we transcend life. Remember and try to feel that the tree, the seed, the rock, the child is you".

10. Law of sacrifice - "you need to give something in order to have something in return.You have a lot to give, and there is no need to give what you don't have.Don't think about investing money you don't have, offer with confidence your time, your energy, your love, your enthusiasm - all resources you have in unlimited supply to receive what you most wish for."

Now, you might get the strange feeling, deep inside, that you already knew these principles...and you did.Sometimes you acted accordingly, sometimes you didn't. That intuitive feeling is telling you that it has always been like this, you were maybe to materially anchored to act upon it. The truth is that, not only you knew, you have always been convinced that this is the only way to fell in harmony, relaxed and confident. You always knew that your thoughts create your reality. Am I right? ...

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I think you should write articles for each of this laws. At least I want to know more about them and how I can get in line with these laws.
Anyway, great info.


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